Mar 10th Saturday 10th of March 2018 - firewall upgrade

As announced to all our clients last week we are today performing an upgrade of this server with a new firewall. Old Firewall: Atomic Corp Firewall from Atomic Corp.New Firewall: Imunify360 from Cloud Linux. (see: [Most other hosting companies would charge $/€250 per year + on top of your hosting fees for this type ... Read More »

Mar 6th Tuesday 6th of March 2018 - reboot for

1545CET - One of our clients has mntioned some issues with their woocommerce site and upon investigation we have found an issue with the ftp service. After further digging we have run some patch updates which has required a reboot to the server. Reboot takes around 3 minutes to complete before sites come back online so will update this ... Read More »

Nov 29th Wednesday 29th of November 2017 - Random Issues with Spamcop

You are reading this announcement because you have experienced a bounce back from spamcop. Firstly, this issue has never happend to us in over 14 years. Its not an excuse, just merely stating a fact, but of course, we apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused you as we know its not fun for your legitimate email to be blocked in such ... Read More »

Nov 23rd Thursday 23rd of November 2017 - issue with (datacentre issues [RESOLVED])

1400CET - We have received reports that web sites on this server are slow and in some cases not responding. 1410CET - We failed to connect to the admn console of the server and attempted soft reboot but not able to reboot due to data centre issue so have raised ticket with data centre to resolve the issue. 1415CET - We are now able to connect to ... Read More »

Sep 16th Saturday 16th of September 2017 - scheduled maintenance reboot for

The servr was rebooted as per the schedule and server was back online within 3 minutes. We have checked the status update of the kernel care system now and it seems to be operting nicely now. We now receive the following message [root@musk ~]#  /usr/bin/kcarectl --updateKernel is safe NOTE: The monitor ( is ... Read More »

Sep 16th Saturday 16th of September 2017 - - Unexpected Reboot for Updates

Around 1230PM CET the muray server went offline for no reason, however within minutes we initiated a soft reboot and server cam online shortly after. This is a Windows 2012R2 server so not entirely sure why this offline event occured however the server has been up for over a year with no reboots and is now operting as usual. We will investigate ... Read More »

Sep 7th Thursday 7th of September 2017 - scheduled maintenance reboot for

This post is further to our email to all related clients on 6th of Septemaber giving notice of a few minutes downtime today due to some security patches for this server. 2003hrs CET - Server has been sent a hard reboot in order to apply cloudlinux patches and lernal patches. Currently awaiting for server to come back online. 2008hrs CET - Server ... Read More »

May 29th Monday 29th of May 2017 - Server Not responding

0900AM CET -  We have just receive some uptime alerts showing the server not responding to ping so are investigating.  0901AM CET - Cannot connect with server so requesting reboot. 0908AM CET - Server not respondoing to soft reboot. Have now initiated a hardware reboot. Hardware reboots usually take some extra time to initiate so will keep ... Read More »

May 20th Saturday 20th of May 2017 - Reboot on for kernel care

1006AM CET - yesterday we have noticed that the cloud linux kernel care updating is not working as expected so have been advised by to apply kernel.modules_disabled=0 to the /etc/sysctl.conf file and restart the server. 1009AM CET - Server is back online and are checking the update status of the kernel and appears to be a ... Read More »

Mar 29th Wednesday 29th of March 2017 - Out Of Space Error on

1556CET - I received an alert saying the http service was down. Upon inspection I could see that the server space was maxed at 100%. This is strange because in the morning report the server usage was at 37%, so within a few hours the space usage had crept up 63%. The issue is affecting all web sites as no additional data can be written to the ... Read More »