1400CET - We have received reports that web sites on this server are slow and in some cases not responding.

1410CET - We failed to connect to the admn console of the server and attempted soft reboot but not able to reboot due to data centre issue so have raised ticket with data centre to resolve the issue.

1415CET - We are now able to connect to remote server and nothing wrong with server so suspcet this is an upstream issue with the data centre so awaiting confirmation from them.

1515CET - Confirmation has been received that the issue is now resolved (See screenshot 1 below). The issue was due to an infrastructure problem at the data centre causing our server not to be available for some periods totalling 16 minutes between the times of 13:34 - 14:26 (See screenshot 2 below).

here is direct link to hetzner status page: https://www.hetzner-status.de/en.html#8024 


Thursday, November 23, 2017

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