You are reading this announcement because you have experienced a bounce back from spamcop.

Firstly, this issue has never happend to us in over 14 years. Its not an excuse, just merely stating a fact, but of course, we apologise for any inconvenience this issue has caused you as we know its not fun for your legitimate email to be blocked in such a way.

Over the last 7 days a very small number of our users have been subject to bounce messages from mailservers using the spamcop spam filter.

It has come to our attention that amongst our wide range of mail server ip's, a few of those ip's have been added to spamcop and are being blocked, resulting in emails not being delivered to their destination.

Unfortunately, spamcop is not transparent or helpful in any way about why it blocks ip's, they merely do so without no real explanation (think fo them being judge, jury and executioner), so this opens up the spamcop system for abuse by malicious membes of the public who can send fake reports and get them flagged as  spam and have our ip's added to their block list. The result being that any postmaster using spamcop as a reliable source of detecting spam, will in fact block any emails which have been reported to spamcop, whether legitimate or not.

As mentioned, its only a small number of our users affected becasue we have in place, a round robin system of revolving ip addresses for our outgoing servers which means that 99% of users are unaffected because spamcop has blocked a small number of ip addresses hooked into your email domain, meaning, if you have in fact received a message saying you are blocked, then, unfortunately you are one of the few.

First thing is to send us the bounce message you received from spamcop showing the IP that is blocked. We can then investigate and try to resolve the issue.

Second, you can request the recipient server to whitelist your domain name so that your legitimate email does not get flagged. If the recipeint refuses to whitelist you or cant whitelist you, then you will need to wait for a period of time for the block to pass, which is usually 9-18 hours.

Failing that, if its a super urgent matter, then please contact and we will issue you some temporary "clean" smtp details so you can get your mail delivered to its intended destination.




Wednesday, November 29, 2017

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