As announced to all our clients last week we are today performing an upgrade of this server with a new firewall.

Old Firewall: Atomic Corp Firewall from Atomic Corp.
New Firewall: Imunify360 from Cloud Linux. (see:

[Most other hosting companies would charge $/€250 per year + on top of your hosting fees for this type of protection but we feel that it should be something that a host supplies to its clients as standard]

The Imunify360 firewall is the very latest high end firewall from a very reputable provider and provides world class security features which keeps your site safe. In fact, the new firewall subscription costs more than the old one. Cloud Linux also provides 24/7/365 support whereas ASL is business hours only which is not suitable which was one of the key decison to switch.

Progress Updates.

We will trying to keep any downtime on this server to a minimum as we understand the importance of the availabity of your online applications. So far, luckily, downtime has "only" been appx 20 minutes*. We may need to make a couple of more reboots but we cannot give exact times when they will be, we will just reboot and let server come back online (reboots can take between 60-90 seconds each).

1000CET - we have started the removal of old firewall.

1009CET - old firewall is now removed. starting install of new firewall.

1015CET - we have found some conflicts with removing some of the old firewall files and new firewall wont start correctly so we are investigating.

1018CET - we have found the conflicts and attempting to remove them.

*1020CET - during conflict resolution apache has gone down so attempting to fix this issue.

1040CET - all web sites back online again howevere some addition issues discovered. We are investigating.

1056CET - We need to reinstall the old firewall back again as during the uninstall it removed some neccessary files.

1115CET - Reinstallation of old firewall is now completed. Awaiting confirmation from Cloud Linux for next steps. 

*1405CET - Cloud Linux has said that its a development issues and developers are not in until monday, so we have applied some changes to the server and made a reboot, just waiting for the server to come back which "should" take appx 90 seconds.

1414CET - Proceeding with unsinatllation again of old firewall which has now completed.

1416CET - Proceeding with reinstallation of IMUNIFY360.

1426CET - Reinstallation is complete however the firewall is not starting correctly. Also ftp service is down, so addressing that now. Will update again shortly.

1433CET - Resinstalling again with different license key. 

1435CET - We have identfied an issue with Imunify360 starting so informed CLoud Linux who will need to wait till monday to resolve the error as its an error the normal support team needs to confrim with the developers.

Monday 12th of March

0840CET - Have heard back from Cloud Linux this morning AM and they have identied the glitch but in order to complete the maintenance cycle a reboot will be required. We have emailed all clients who are on this server and awaiting confirmation from Cloud Linux as to when we will reboot.

*0916CET - server sent for reboot. waiting for it to come back online again.

0919CET - server is responding to ping so is comig back online. will check to make sure all the services are working as they should.

0922CET - all services are working except still getting an issue with Imunify360, it seems to start and then stop again. I have messaged the support team at Imunify360 again to askt hem to login and check it.

*Downtime during this maintenance

1. 1020CET for 16 minutes due to apache issues
2. 1405CET for 4 minutes for reboot
3. Monday 12/3 0916CET - for 3 minutes for reboot




Saturday, March 10, 2018

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