Monday 29th of May 2017 - Server Not responding

0900AM CET -  We have just receive some uptime alerts showing the server not responding to ping so are investigating.  0901AM CET - Cannot connect with server so requesting reboot. 0908AM CET - Server not respondoing to soft reboot. Have now initiated a hardware reboot. Hardware reboots usually take some extra time to initiate so will keep ... Read More »

29th May 2017
Saturday 20th of May 2017 - Reboot on for kernel care

1006AM CET - yesterday we have noticed that the cloud linux kernel care updating is not working as expected so have been advised by to apply kernel.modules_disabled=0 to the /etc/sysctl.conf file and restart the server. 1009AM CET - Server is back online and are checking the update status of the kernel and appears to be a ... Read More »

20th May 2017