How to create google PPC conversion codes for your site

You are reading this article becasue you need to create conversion codes for your PPC campaigns

If you are spending a lot of money on a particular pay-per-click campaign or you've spent quite a few hours setting up what you hope is a killer email blast, then it's nothing less than basic business sense to use some sort of tracking to find out whether that time and money is paying off.

How Tracking Helps You Make More Money

1. At the most basic level, tracking helps you find out your return on investment and where money is best spent.
2. It helps you discover what keywords, adgroups and campaigns are most profitable.
3. It allows you to test new ads and conversion pages more effectively and more quickly.
4. It lets you find out how much each visitor is costing you.
5. It helps you discover any leaks in your landing page or website.

How to create the PPC conversion codes for your campaigns

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