What is a snag list?

You are reading  this article becasue we have asked you to prepare a "snag list". So what is a snag list?

A snag list is a term more commonly used when you are buying a bricks and mortar property and you hire a professional surveyor to check the proeprty for any defects. The surveyor will essentially "snag" items and put them onto a list, hence, "snag list". 

For web sites we use a similar method and we request from you, as as the site owner, for you to submit to us a snag list of items that you would like fixed, usually before putting a site live.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Snag List

We need to know as much details as possible about the issue we need to fix, so in a similar fashion as a bug report, we need certain information in order to quickly work through the snag list. This saves time which = money.

You can write the snag list in eitehr MS Word document or in an email, as long as the format of the snag list is as follows.


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