MailTrust Account disabled due to Violation of Terms

You are reading this article becasue you have been informed that your MailTrust account has been disabled due to violation of terms.

The daily sending limit for individual mailboxes is 20,000 messages a day, so if your account has exceeded this on a routine basis, your account will be subject to being disabled as this outside the scope of normal usage.

How has my account sent over 20,000 messages?

Possibilities include: 

  • Your account was used to send spam
  • Your computer has been infected with malware that is sending spam
  • The password for your account has been compromised and it is being used to send spam


So What do I do if my Account has been disabled?

1. Scan Your Computer For Viruses and/or Trojans
Its possible that your computer has somehow been infected by a spamming virus and is sending out spam from your computer without you knowing.
2. Change Your Email Login Password
If you have access to your webmail here, then change the password or request a password reset here.
3. Only Use SSL Connections When Checking Your Email.
When connecting to the internet and you are NOT using SSL, then your username and password is transmitted in plain text meaning that anyone sniffing the network can see your login details and steal them and use them for spamming. Proceed to and follow the instructions for settings up your email using Secure connections.
NOTE: If this account continues to send spam, it may be compromised and we may repeatedly disable this mailbox.

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