Service Level Commitment Policy

123 Marbella are committed to providing high standards of quality and service. As valued customers we aim to answer any enquires you may have as soon as possible during office hours. Office hours are from Monday to Friday 9am-5.00pm. Any calls, messages or emails received outside of these times will be responded to as soon as possible or the next working day. If you have an enquiry about any aspect of our service please contact us in the first instance at

In order for your enquiry to be dealt as quickly as possible, by the most appropriate person, we may need to contact you for further technical information. Please be advised that if we attempt to contact you for further information and you are unavailable, there may be a delay in resolving your enquiry. If your enquiry is forwarded to an appropriate member of the team, we will advise you who this will be and the timescales involved. We aim to respond to general enquiries with one working day.

123 Marbella will endeavour to respond to your enquiry to your satisfaction however if you feel that you still have unresolved issues please refer to the 123 Marbella Complaints procedure here:

Service Commitment
123 Marbella commits to provide at least 99.5% uptime with respect to the Customer's Service during each calendar quarter of the Term, excluding regularly scheduled maintenance times.

Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance time does not count as downtime. Scheduled maintenance time is generally scheduled to occur outside of normal office hours (9am-5pm CET).

123 Marbella at its sole discretion may take Services down for unscheduled maintenance and in that event will attempt to notify customer in advance. We provide an announcements page here: detailing any service announcements relevant to our clients.

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