Getting Error 0x800cce on Windows 10

You are reading this article because you are using Windows 10 and are trying to setup your email in Outlook but get a message saying ErrorĀ 0x800cce when trying to send and receive.

Although the message says contact your provider, the issue is in fact with some of your system files being corrupted and needs to be rebuilt/scanned.

The procedure below works, but can take a while.

1. Open the command prompt on your PC by typing CMD into the start menu
2. When the command prompt opens, type in the following sfc /scannow
3. The scanner will start, and when its finished you will get a message saying its completed.
4. Restart your computer.

You should then be able to configure Outlook without any issues after this.

If you continue to get issues, then please contact an IT technician who will need to resolve the problem for you.

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