Emails Missing in My Inbox

You are reading this article becasue you have opended the inbox on your email client and emails appear as missing or the whole inbox is empty.

This situation can only occur when any one of the following actions are met:

1. Your email client has decided to archive your emails
2. You have another device downloading your emails
3. You have deleted your emails on purpose or by accident

So how do I get my emails back?
In the case you are using IMAP, then you simply need to login to the web mail system at and restore them to your inbox.

If you are using POP, then you need to check in your deleted items folder on your email client for the emails.

In the case your email client has archived your emails, you will need to refer to the sofware vendor on how to recover them.

To recover deleted emails through the webmail system, please follow the screens below.

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