VPN Connection For Safer Browsing

You are looking at this page because we have mentioned to you that you need to use a software VPN to connect to the internet for browsing or collecting/sending emails.

What is a software VPN?
VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network" and when you connect to the internet, the software VPN creates an encrypted, private and secure connection/channel meaning noone can pry into the data you are sending and receiving. VPN's are a really secure way to browse the internet.

Where can I get a VPN?
Its easy to download and install a VPN. We highly recommend "Tunnel Bear" which is a sturdy and free VPN. You can use "Tunnel Bear" on a PC, Windows, Android and Iphone.


Do VPN's cost money?
Tunnel Bear offers 500mb traffic per month for free, so use it lightly. They do an upgraded unlimited version for $9.99 per month which is not expensive considering the protection it offers.

Reasons why we asked you to use a VPN
Apart from the obvious reason of using VPN for security, one of the main reasons is that you are most likely connecting from a blacklisted IP address which conflicts with our email security system, meaning, we've seen an excessive number of failed authentication attempts from that IP address to mailboxes and domains hosted with Rackspace (some of which you do not own). Based on this behavior, the IP has been graded with a poor/bad reputation. The mailbox was disabled once this IP had successfully logged into the mailbox for its protection. Only connecting with a VPN will avoid your account being blocked any further.


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