Turn Off Spam Filter in Mac Mail

You are reading this article becasue you want to know how to disable the junk mail filtering feature on your MacMail email software.

By default, all our clients enjoy the use of our PostMark Spam filtering system to protect from spam arriving at your mailbox so there is no need for MacMail to do any additional spam filtering for you.

If Junk E-mail filtering is left on in MacMail you may notice missing e-mails and it takes a while to figure out they have been placed in the Junk E-mail folder by MacMail.

Therefore, we HIGHLY recommend everyone disable this feature. 

Disable it as follows in MacMail 
- Open Mail on the Mac if you have not done so already, then pull down the “Mail” menu and choose “Preferences”;
- Select the “Junk Mail” tab in Preferences; 
- Uncheck the box for “Enable junk mail filtering”;
- Close Preferences, then, optionally but recommended, go to the Junk inbox and move or remove any emails that should not belong in the junk folder;
- Your junk mail inbox should be empty when finished, and emails should no longer arrive and be marked as junk by the Mail app in Mac OS.


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