Why is my domain name registered to 123 Marbella and not me?

This is certainly nothing underhanded at all, and its not an oversight on our part, its a deliberate action, in fact its you, the client we are thinking about, we are protecting you from unlikely individuals on the internet out to defraud you.

Our first point of action in regards to domains is always placing our clients interest first.

When we register a domain name on your behalf, its automatically registered to us and our details appear on the whois records.

Why do we do put our details and not yours?
There are many scams out there where fraudsters will trawl the whois records for the public contact details for domain owners. They will then contact the registrant and either:

- offer alternative domains at heavily inflated prices, sometimes 1000%!
- companies pressuring you to buy a domain from them before someone else does
- sending false invoices for domains

Many times, they will email, phone or fax clients pressuring them to buy from them and seeing that we are the first point of contact in regards to the domain name, the fraudsters will contact us first and we have extensive experience with these types of people so will handle them before they even get to you.

Here is some resources for several types of domain scams related to whois records

Yes, but if my domain is in your name, then how am I legally protected?
When you bought the domain or when you renewed, you would have been given a bill of sale, an invoice, which is proof enough that you own a domain.

We have internal systems that manage the domain ownership so there is never a dispute as to who the owner of a domain is, the situation will never arise as to who the legal owner of a domain name is.

Unlike many small web design firms and/or freelancers, we are a professional, respectable and legally regsistered company since 2001 and we follow the law.

That sounds sensible but why not just use a private whois?
Of course that's an option and if you prefer to have a private whois on your domain name, then its something we can arrange for €10.

The domain records will be in your name and a private whois will be applied hiding your identity.

I would rather just have my own details open to the public thank you!
Its no problem at all and of course we understand and abide by your wishes. To edit all the details for your domain, please click the link below. Its just a matter of logging into your account and updating the details!


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