People are sending me email and I am just not getting them to my inbox

You are reading this kb article because either:

1) someone has said they sent you an email and they claim it was bounced. They would have received a standard error message back from our server with some details about the issue.

2) someone has said they sent you an email and they DID NOT receive a bounce message and you have not received the message in your inbox. Its like the email has vanished into thin air.

Here is a diagram showing the normal troubleshooting procedures.
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ISSUE 1 - someone has said they sent you an email and they claim it was bounced.
If someone has said they have sent an email to you and a few minutes or hours later they receive an email back from our servers saying they are blocked, then this would indicate the following main cause.

One important point about this issue is that bounced message generated by our servers are the express responsibility of the SENDERS postmaster. Bounce messages generated by our servers follow strict protocols and are for the senders postmaster to identify and solve the issue at their end.

Quite often we (123 Marbella) will be blamed by the sender and our client accusing our servers of being misconfigured only to find that the bounce message contains relevant details outlining the issue with the senders servers.

The email address they are using has been flagged by one of the main commercial spam blacklists and has been restricted to send any further emails to our servers. Its is normal practice to bounce emails coming from domains that appear on commercial blacklists. The bounce message will contain enough information in the message for the postmaster of the senders server to take action.

The sender has a few possibilities to resolve this situation.

The sender can contact their isp or email provider and show them the contents of the bounce message in question. The postmaster can then take action to make sure the email does not bounce in future. Usually the postmaster would need to contact one of the blacklists and resolve it with them. Once they resolve the issue and the blacklist is updated, they will be able to send email through.

The sender should try sending the email using a different email address on a different domain

The sender can forward the bounce message to and we will white list the user on our mail servers so the email address can come through to you despite being on a blacklist.

You, as the recipient of the email can white list the sender yourself using the safe list facility inside the webmail interface. Once added to the the Safe List/White list the sender will bypass any commercial blacklist checks.

Click Here to learn how to white list users via the webmail

ISSUE 2  someone has said they sent you an email and they DID NOT receive a bounce message
If someone has said they have sent an email to you and it was not bounced and you did not get it in your inbox, then there are a few possibilities, however it should be noted that emails simply don't "disappear", they will be somewhere or there will be a trace of where the email has gone via server log files.

The following details the possible causes and solution to solve the issue.

When the email was received by our spam filters at 123 Marbella the email that was sent scored high enough to be considered "spammy" so it was dropped into your junkmail folder on the webmail. Various factors can contribute to emails being simi liar to spam so even legitimate emails can be considered spam even when they are not. Just check your webmail junkmail folder and see if the mail is in there.

here for the secure webmail system

If you are using Outlook, then its possible that your junkmail filter in your outlook has dropped it into the junkmail folder inside Outlook itself. Outlook has very low quality spam filtering and will quite often file completely legitimate emails as spam. Just check your Outlook junkmail folder for the missing email,

The person who has sent the email, can see that the email has left their inbox so will assume its been delivered. However, the senders mail server may have an issue and the sender should contact their mail service provider and ask them if the email they sent was sent onto its destination. 

The postmaster will probably need the following details:
a) date the email was sent
b) the sending email address
c) the destination email address

The postmaster should then be able to provide the log data for the sent email to show that in fact our mail server accepted the email from their server and should be able to provide the "EHLO handshake response".

If its proven in POSSIBILITY 3 that the mail has indeed left the senders mail server and reached our server, then we can investigate our logs to see if it was received.

We would need the following details:
a) the log files showing the email did in fact get delivered to our server
b) the sending email address
c) the destination email address
d) date the email was supposedly sent

We will then look in our server logs and confirm if the mail was received and investigate the issue.

Emails don't go missing, there will be a log of the message either on the senders server or our servers its just a process of elimination to narrow down the cause.   




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