How do I whitelist senders so they bypass my spam filtering?

You are reading this article becasue someone has sent you an email and its ended up in your spam folder even though its not spam.

If someone has been sending you emails for a long period and suddenly they dont come through anymore, its quite possible that they have been blacklisted by our spam firewall.

The only way to solve this is to "whitelist" them using the "safelist" feature in your online email management account (your webmail).

Follow these simple steps to whitelist an email address.

1) Login to your webmail at:

2) Once logged in, click on the "settings" link located in the top right hand corner of the screen
3) In the pop up window, select the "Spam Settings" icon
4) Select the "Safelist" tab
5) Click the "add" button
6) in the pop up window, type in the email address you wish to whitelist" then click the add button
7) That email address will then come through to your account without being checked for spam

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