Setting up the Blackberry to receive emails

You are reading this page because you have logged into your online blackberry service from your mobile provider and have tried to enter your username and password into the settings.

More than likely, when you entered your username and password (and you know 100% that they are correct) you may have ended up with the following screen within the blackberry page. Notice it contains an ERROR saying that the details are not correct.

This statement is not entirely true, the details you entered may have been correct but the blackberry server cannot authenticate without some extra settings. So in order to connect to your mail account via the online blackberry service, you need to specify some additional settings.

If you did get the error then just click on the "provide additional settings" link as shown below.


You will then be presented with the following screen where you will have to enter your server details.

Just enter your details into the fields below as instructed, obviously replacing the details with your own.


When you click the next button, the screen will say that its "Processing". Just wait between 10-30 seconds and you should end up with the confirmation screen below.

You should now begin to receive emails to your blackberry within 15 minutes.

Note: if you are also checking your mail account from your desktop at the same time as your blackberry, then its probably wise that you configure your desktop to either leave a copy of your messages on the server for at least 1 day or use imap, otherwise when your blackberry is syncing with the server it will not find any emails as the desktop will have downloaded them already and vice vera.


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