Backup Policy for Email

Email is backed up at 6pm CST on a per account basis allowing the email administrator for a domain to be able to login to the email control panel and perform a restore of a users account at the point a backup was taken.

NOTE: this policy is only applicable to Mailtrust Users only and not Cpanel or Google Apps Email

There is no charge for this service and restores can be made for up to 14 days.

However, there are some caveats with this free policy.

1. if you are using pop 3 email services and download your email to your computer, leaving your inbox empty, then when an automated backup is made, the backup will not contain anything, so if you try to make a restore, nothing gets restored. (unless you choose an earlier backup)

2. if you are using imap, which is usually a smarter solution for email usage (see notes on difference between imap and pop), the same rule will apply, if you make a restore of an imap account at a certain point in time you will only be restoring the content of your account at the state it was in at the time of backup, meaning that any new items will not be restored as they will not have been backed up, because they will not have exists ed at the time of backup.

However there are two additional options available, one simple the other more advanced, for more flexible email backups:

OPTION 1 - BCC Archiving (basic solution)
Bcc archiving is a simple but effective solution we offer to storing incoming or outgoing emails or both. If you wanted to store incoming and outgoing emails the cost is €5 per email account that you want to store. This means if you have 5 email accounts but only want to store the incoming and outgoing emails for two of the accounts, the price would be €20 per month. (5 accounts at €5.00 each)

OPTION 2 - FULL Email Archiving (advanced solution)
Full email archiving is a domain wide email retention policy on all incoming and outgoing emails for your domain. The cost of full email archiving is priced at €10 per month per email account active on your domain. This means if you have 5 active email accounts, then the price per month is €50 per month. (5 accounts x €10.00).

Some of the features of Full Email Archiving are:

Message recovery - Has a user accidentally deleted an email? Don’t worry, with one click administrators can forward the messages of any individual user back to that user’s inbox, eliminating stress over lost or deleted emails.

Disaster recovery and business continuity - How safe is your email? With Email Archiving your messages stay safe and accessible from 2 data centres at opposite sides of the United States. We also offer bulk data export in a variety of formats for only $.35/GB. So, you can rest soundly knowing your emails will be there when you need them.

Legal compliance - Don’t wait for a subpoena to discover the value of email archiving. Power your email with Email Archiving technology to proactively prepare your organization for e-discovery.

Compliance building - Email Retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let Email Archiving help you build a corporate compliance policy that scales to keep you covered.

Policy last updated on 23/4/2010

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