Policy in Event of Server Failures

For email servers, we utilise a completely separate network outside of the 123 Marbella Network using triple redundancy so in the event of any web servers failing, email will always remain online and function correctly.

Our web site server network consists of an array of dedicated servers all running a minimum of hardware RAID 1 SATA drives which are hot swappable, so in the event of a hard drive failure, we just swap out drives with no downtime to the server.

In the event of a hardware fault with RAM, CPU, RAID Controllers or any other hardware which causes a server to fail and go offline, or server load issues, we have 24/7 technical staff on hand in the data centres to attend to any such cases. Although hardware failures are rare, they do and can happen however most hardware is replaced within a few minutes with very little downtime.

In the event of a Data Centre issue, this is something beyond our control and downtime can range from a few minutes or hours depdning on the issue they are facing. There is always 24/7/365 support staff in place to take care of any issues.

In the event of catastrophic system failure, our techs will quickly build a new server and restore all data from our backup servers.

Policy last updated on 23/4/2010

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