Unknown Error Bootstrap with when using webmail

I am getting an error about BOOTSTRAP in my Mailtrust webmail when clicking the reply button

This issue has been brought to our attention on 29th of September 2010 and is affecting Internet Explorer users.

When clicking on the reply button in your webmail the reply window is loading and shortly after it closes and the following error message appears.


How to fix the Bootstrap Error

1. Try a different browser such as firefox, google chrome or safari.


2. In internet Explorer, delete all cookies, temorary internet files.
   a. In IE, open Tools > Internet Options
   b. On the General Tab, select the buttons that says Browsing History
   c. Click the Delete button. This will then open another dialogue box called Deleting Browser History
   d. Delete Temporary Internet Files + Cookies + history
   e. Wait for the delete process to finish. It may take a few seconds or minutes
   f. Close IE and then restart
   g. Try logging back into your webmail  and replying to a message
   h. Error should no longer persist 

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