Late Payment or Failure to Pay

The policy below sets forth our procedure for late or none payment

We are a very fair and considerate company and understand that sometimes the cashflow of our customers can be a little difficult. Our invoicing process/system however allows plenty of time for customers to inform us well in advance of any payment difficulties they feel they may encounter.


In the event that we are not informed of any possible delays in payment or feel our requests for payment have been ignored then we will NOT support the customer for ANY and ALL products they have with us.

We also reserve the right to switch off any and all services the customer has with us until the account is brought to balance. This does not matter if the client has been with us for many years or you are a personal friend of the director.

We cannot and will not be blamed for late payments and services being swicthed off.  

We also reserve the right to levy a penalty for any late payments

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