How to report spam

I have received a spam email to my inbox. What do I do to report it?

The Mailtrust spam filtering is quite good and prevents ALOT of spam leaking through to your inbox, but the ongoing battle between spam filters and spammers rages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. It never stops. Spammers find many ways to try and bypass the spam filters and they will test and test and test and keep on testing.

From time to time you may receive a spam mail or two, its not possible to block every single one.

So if you receive a spam into your inbox, then the easiest way to report it, is to login to the webmail and click on the report spam button.

To report spam, please do the following

1. Login to the secure webmail system at
2. On the top navigation, click on the MORE button
3. This will reveal a small drop down menu. On this menu select REPORT SPAM (as below)
4. You will then be prompted to confirm your action after4 which the spam message will be moved to your spam folder

NOTE: if you are using pop email and are NOT storing a copy of your emails in the server, then you wont be able to do this action. We do suggest that you should either revert to using IMAP or keep a copy of message on the server or blacklist the sender.


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