Sending in work requests by email

What format should I send in my job requests?

We only work with email. So always send your requests via email.

Please always send any works requests via email to

When sending in work requests by email, please try to follow these tips: 

These logical simple suggestions will allow us to complete the tasks quicker which in turn saves you time which of course saves money. It also reduces our stress and frustration of trying to "decode" cryptic communications from you.

TIP 1:  make sure the subject line of your emails relates to the content of the email. There is nothing worse than trying to backtrack through emails for all of them to be either blank or not related at all or all of them have the same subject line.

TIP 2: when sending in images, please make sure the images are named so they are easily identifiable. An image named "the-old-red-shoe.jpg" is easier to identify than "0000DESC789JJJ.jpg". The same logic should apply to any text documents such as word, powerpoint etc.

TIP 3: when talking about a web page or describing some changes on a web page, please always include the URL you are talking about. In general, you know your site better than we do, so just saying "On the game plan page....". It would be better to say "On the game plan page here". We can then click directly to the page you are talking about.

TIP 4: when describing some changes, please try to explain it clearly otherwise we have to keep coming back with questions.

TIP 5: if you are sending in one request containing multiple items, then please number each item so we know that its a separate item.

Below is a good example of a simple, easy to understand work request


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