Transferring .ES domains to 123 Marbella

How do I transfer a .es domain name?

Transferring a .es domain name is even easier than transferring .com domains.

Follow this procedure to ensure smooth .es domain transfer over to 123 Marbella internet Services.

1. Make sure that the Adminstrator's email address is
2. Inform that you are ready to transfer the domain
3. We will then initiate the transfer from Tucows Open SRS
4. We will then manage the transfer procedure for you.
5. We will then put the domain name into your account for management.

As long as the Administrator's email address is, then there should not be any issue.

So how does the process to transfer .es domains actually work?

The process is very simple and can take just a few minutes to move a .es from one registrar to another.

Moving between regsitrars is free and there is no charge.

1. The accepting registrar will make a request for a transfer to, the governing body for .es domain names.
2. Within a few minutes, the Administrator listed for the .es domain will receive the following email below.
3. The Administrator for the .es domain will then click on the accept or reject links in the email.
4. After clicking to accept the Administrator will receive the following confirmation
5. After a few minutes, the Administrator will receive a confirmation email informing tat the .es transfer was successful



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