What happens when my web hosting expires?

I did not renew or did not want to renew my web hosting, whats happened to my files?

When you contract hosting with us, you have full unrestricted access to your files via cpanel or ftp.

This means that if you know that you are moving to another host before the renewal date of your web hosting contract, then you should also know that you should take a copy of your files before the renewal date.

Upon the expiration date of your web hosting your account is shutdown and all files are removed from the web server and are no longer accessible to you.

Yes, but how do I get a copy of my files AFTER the expiry Date?
During your web hosting contract we regularly take backups of your files (see backup policy for web hosting) so we are "usually" able to recover a copy of your files from the backup servers.

However of course there is a small admin fee of €50 for recovery as we need to do the following:

1. Locate and verify the backup files
2. Move the backup to an ftp server
3. Create ftp access for you
4. Send ftp details to you
5. Disable ftp after 14 days

To request backup files from us and to verify that we do have the files, please send an email to support@123marbella.com

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