I have lost my password to my email or I need a password reset

How do I retrieve my password for my email account or get my password changed?

Firstly, losing or forgetting your email password is like losing your cashpoint pin number, you should just try and avoid forgetting or losing it.

When we first set up your email account we will have sent you a copy of a welcome email containing your username and password. We do keep a copy of that welcome email on our secure server but if you have updated your password since/after we have sent the welcome email, then we can only RESET your password.

For security and for the protection of your personal data and correspondence WE CANNOT get your most current password as our system, in accordance with strict security protocal, wisely encypts all passwords so that they are unreadable. This is a security policy to ensure that ONLY YOU have access to your password and noone else, not even mail server administrators.

Okay, I understand that and it makes sense but how do I get my password reset?

Below is a link to a form which you need to complete. NOTE: with this form you need to include a CLEAR AND LEGIBLE govenrment issued form of photo identification such as drivers license, passport or national id card.

CLICK HERE to fill in the password reset form.

We usually process these quickly during office hours, a little longer on weekends. 

We apologise for any inconvenience brought on by this security policy, but once again we need to remind you that its for your own safety and security. We take the security of your account VERY SERIOUSLY.

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