How to set up SMTP Authentication for iPhone

How do I setup  SMTP authentication on my iPhone?

1. Inside the Settings, scroll down to find "Mail, Contact, Calendars".
2. Select the email account you wish to modify
3. Scroll down and click on "Outgoing Mail Server".
4. If you have not got any servers configured, just click on "Add Server".
5. Enter the details on the screen, which will be

- Hostname (
- Username (your email address)
- Password

6. Click the "save" button in top right.
7. The iPhone will now try and verify the smtp server.
8. Give it some time to do so, around 30-60 seconds.
9. Probably you will get an error, this is fine, just click OK and click save button again.
10. This will then open a prompt asking if you are totally sure that you want to save it.
11. Click the "save" button.
12. You will be taken back to the list of SMTP servers. Select the one that you just created.
13.  Make sure the screen looks like the screen shot below.
14. Click on SMTP server button to go back.
15. Your iphone will now be able to send email through your authorised server.

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