FTP is not working

FTP is not working, why?

There could be a few reasons for this, please read carefully.

1. You cannot access FTP using cpanel login details
If you are trying to ftp into your account using cpanel login details, then you will get errors because this method of ftp is blocked for securoty reasons. You have to login to cpanel and create an ftp account. Creating ftp account is very easy in cpanel, if you do not know how, please ask us and we will create one for you.

2. My ftp software its not even connecting to the host
In this case, possibly you have been blocked from accessing the server dues to some kind of "illegal" access, such as trying to login with wrong details. You see, in order to protect your data, our server will block any ip that tries to access with wrong details more than 5 times.

If you are blocked, you need to:

a. Send us your ip address to support@123marbella.com, we will then unblock you.
b. To get your ip, go to www.iphchicken.com

3. I have created ftp account but there are no files when I login
Probbaly when you created the ftp account, you specified a subfolder that the ftp should have access to. This means that when you login with your ftp software, it will appear that there are no files. If you want to allow root folder login for your ftp account, then follow the example in the screenshot below.

4. I need to create ROOT ftp access to my account
If you need ftp access to the root of your account, ie: the folders ABOVE the web folders, then you need to simply put a backslash in the directory field when creating the new ftp account. See the screenshot below on how to enable root access for your new ftp account.

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