I am having problems sending/receiving mail from my email account

If you are reading this, then its most likely you are receiving an error in your email programme and someone from 123 Marbella has asked you or your IT person to go through the checklist below before contacting us.

There are many reasons why you will get an error and it usually is down to one of the issues listed below, so please go through the email troubleshooting checklist below, one by one.

Email Troubleshooting Checklist 

Please check each one of the points below in its order to diagnose your problem.

  1. Are your incoming and outgoing mail servers correct? click here for correct settings
  2. Do you have SMTP Authentication enabled?
  3. Are you 100% sure you are using the right username and password? how can I check this?
  4. Have you tried closing your email programme down and restarting it?
  5. Have you accidentily added a white space before or after your username or password?
  6. Have you tried rebooting your computer? (sometimes this clears up issues)
  7. Do you have SPF Records enabled on your domain? click here for instructions
  8. Can you PING our mail server address? (maybe your firewall is blocking you?)
  9. Can you TELNET your mail server address? how to check
  10. Do you have anti virus installed. try turning it off or check its settings. (antivirus can interfere with your email)
  11. Are you using AVG Antivirus (here are some common issues)
  12. Are you using Thunderbird? If you have addons, then disable and re-enable them one by one.
  13. Is your ISP blocking port 25? (try using port 587 or 465 for your smtp outgoing email)
  14. Has your domain name expired?
  15. Are your dns servers responding correctly?

If you still have problems after looking at any of the above, we can say without a doubt that there is an unknown problem and you should contact us at support@123marbella.com

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