Domain Disputes

How do you handle domain disputes?

There may be times when there is an issue of ownership for a domain name. It should be noted that 123 Marbella is a provider of internet services and is not in a position to make decisions based on heresay from different parties. 

If there is an issue about domain ownership, then its advised that you seek legal advice on the matter from an appropriate attorney who specialises in such disputes. They would be able to give you the correct advice on issues of domain ownership.

However, as we provide internet services which are connected to the domain, if there is a dispute or domain ownership which can essentially affect the services we provide, then we would base our decision as follows: 

If the domain name is registered via us then: Domain ownership is determined by the payer of the domain registration fees regardless of current whois details as quite often we will put our own details on behalf of the client for privacy reasons. In addition, the payer of the domain has access to the whois records management via our system and can change the legal ownership of the domain name at any time, hence in this case we would favour instructions from the payer of the domain name fees in regards to the domain.

If the domain is registered via another registrar then: Domain ownership is determined by the whois records lodged at the domain registrar. You would need to check the registrant of the domain name at the providing registrar for these details. This would mean that if the domain name is elsewhere and a change is made to the domain name which affects the services we provide, we do not have any control over this.

We always advise clients that if they need full control over their domain assets, then they need to either ensure that they have the correct details updated at their current domain provider or to lodge the domain name with us and we can guard the domain for them.

Please see an interesting article below related to domain names and the importance of correct ownership
The Importance of renewing your domain name

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