How do I cancel a Service?

I am moving my hosting to another company, how do I cancel with you?

We make it very simple and uncomplicated. Just follow the steps below to cancel any services you have with us.

We offer "end of billing period and "immediate cancellation" in case you want to stop the service right away.

End of billing period = the service will be queud for cancellation but kept online until the next time its renewed.

Immediate = the service will be immediately removed and all files deleted.

NOTE: if you choose immediate cancellation, the service will be taken offline and deleted immediately. We recommend that you take a backup of all your files.

Just follow these steps to cancel a service:

  1. login to the billing system here:
  2. in the top menu select "My Services"
  3. A list of the services that you have will be listed. To the right of the service is a small icon with an arrow, click on the icon.
  4. This will show you the details of the service being provided. Scroll to the bottom of the page. You will see a button that says "Request Cancellation".
  5. Enter a reason for canceling and the cancellation type.
  6. Your account will be queud for cancellation

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