GMT vs London Time in Webmail System


In the webmail, the GMT time is not showing the correct time and is off by 1 hour. Why?

If you have set GMT as your timezone in the webmail system, during BST months (British Summer Time, +0100 GMT) the time of the emails in the webmail will be offset by one hour as London/Uk observes BST. 

(more information about British Summer Time is here)

So during BST months, if the time of day is 9am and your webmail is set to GMT timezone, then the times displayed on the emails within webmail will be 10am (
+0100 GMT) a one hour difference.

We therefore suggest that if you wish to have accurate UK timezone through the year to account for the BST months, then you select Europe/London as the timezone for your webmail, then you will have the correct time displayed as per the UK at any time of the year.

To change the time zone in your account, do the following:
1. Login to the webmail system here:
2. Go to settings (in the top right hand side) and update the time zone preferences.

Time zone preferences are located at: Settings > General Settings > Email
Options > Language & Date/Time > Current Timezone

3. Change setting to 'Europe/London'

You will now have accurate Uk Time with BST.


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