Teamviewer Remote Technical Support

You are reading this page because you are experiencing a technical issue and our team would like to connect to your computer or tablet and have a look.

Please make note of the following two points.

1. Remote support is offered as a courtesy service to our clients.
Whilst most issues can be resolved remotely, on some occasions where the issue is not related to the services we provide, we will ask that you seek the services of a qualified IT technician who can help you.
2. You need to make sure that we are online before you request a remote connection.
Obvioulsy if no-one is here, then noone can connect to you.

Now, follow these EXACT STEPS in order to initiate a remote connection.


1. initiate a live support chat by clicking on the chat applet below.
2. download the teamviewer application from the links below and install it on your computer.


WINDOWS USERS - click here for teamviewer windows version


MAC USERS - click here for teamviewer mac version

3. Run/Open the teamviewer application on your computer. Be patient, it can take between 1-60 seconds to install.
4. The teamviewer application will display a username and password, give those details to the support rep in the live chat
5. Support rep will then attempt to connect to your device and resolve the issue.


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