How to Check Your SPF Records

How do I check the SPF records for my domain?

What is SPF? SPF is short for Sender Policy Framework. Its a system desigend to help validate legitimate senders. When you add SPF information to your DNS records, you are able to specify the email servers you use to send email from your domain. This validates your sending email address, which can improve your email deliverability rate. In other words, SPF helps to keep your domain’s email out of your recipients’ spam folders. For detailed information about SPF please visit the opensof web site here.

To check to see if your SPF records are set up correctly for your domain, then its quite simple.

1. Proceed to the SPF testing tool at
2. Enter your domain name in the search field
3. Click the search button
4. The results page will tell you if you have correct SPF settings

If your SPF records are not as below then you need to contact us at and we will resolve it for you

NOTE: your spf records MUST include a certain string within the spf record in order to work correctly.


For example, your dns record should have the following spf record to work with our mailservice.

"v=spf1 ~all"

See, screenshot below showing successful SPF lookup

how to check spf records

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