Professional and Reliable Shared Web Hosting

We offer cPanel hosting packages which provide all the useful resources necessary for the creation and maintenance of your website pages. We place a high focus on server security as well as business continuity with full daily backups retained for at least 60 days and high level security with ASL Firewall from, a leader in web security.

100% Uptime on our Globally dispersed DNS Network

Our dns servers are dispersed in 4 global locations, Germany, United Kingdom, Chicago (USA) and Texas (USA) which means that in the event of a dns issue with one location, visitors are automatically switched to the next location. Another point for technical users, is that we do not host email on the same server as the web server in order to keep the web servers as optimal as possible.

Our Network is Global

Its important to us that our clients receive the best service for their own clients and part of that is having a proven network of appliances, services and providers who are able to supply the highest level of reliability.

IMPORTANT: We ONLY run high quality dedicated web servers. We DO NOT cram you onto tiny VPS servers. We DO NOT contract reseller hosting accounts like many other so called “web hosts” do and and we DO NOT oversell our servers.

Hosting Packages

We keep things simple by providing our clients with hosting packages based on storage needs. Bandwidth is “unmetered” and subject to fair use policy and we might contact you if you go over 75GB per month and check to see what’s going on. We provide a fully managed, hands on hosting experience, so in the case you need anything done on your behalf or have questions, then we are available to you. We also work with webmasters/developers to help them get the most out of our systems.

NOTE: Unmetered does not mean unlimited. It simply means that we allow your site to consume a reasonable amount of bandwidth and we closely monitor accounts. In general if a user is utilising over 75gb+ of bandwidth per month on a shared server, we will advise them to upgrade and get a dedicated server which allows minimum 3TB of bandwidth.

Hosting Prices

  • 1.0GB Space (Bronze) = €120 per year
  • 2.5GB Space (Silver) = €180 per year
  • 5.0GB Space (Gold) = €250 per year
  • 10GB Space (Diamond) = €450 per year
  • 15GB Space (Platinum) = €650 per year
  • 20GB Space (Californium) = €750 per year
  • 25GB Space (Californium +) = €850 per year
  • more than 25gb of space? You should consider a dedicated server!

NOTE: The prices above are only for web site hosting and not for email accounts. We host business email separately and charge separately so if you need professional email accounts in addition to your hosting then please refer to our email page located here.

Main Features of Our Hosting Service

  • We provide a fully managed, hands on hosting experience
  • We maintain our own dedicated servers and dont not use cheap reseller accounts
  • All our servers use SSD drives for the best performance
  • All our servers provide hardware DDOS protection
  • UK based servers are Quad Hex Core + 64Gb RAM on Raid 10
  • German based servers are Dual Hex Core + 256Gb RAM on Raid 1
  • US based servers are Quad Core + 16GB Ram on Raid 1
  • All servers run CloudLinux OS with CageFS for high stability and security
  • All servers run KernelCare for the most up to date kernel security
  • All servers run Imunify360 for WAF protection
  • We take DAILY full backups of accounts with minimum 60 day retention
  • All backups are stored on remote storage systems
  • All servers are maintained ourselves to ensure privacy and security
  • We have over 18+ years of commercial hands on hosting experience
  • All our servers are monitored 24/7

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